we offer

crisp/fresh salads


hot soups

exotic veggie curries

delicious pasta dishes

hearty vegetable stews

grilled vegetables

delicate cakes & desserts

and much more. entirely plant-based and completely homemade from scratch.

we offer hot and cold organic & fair-trade coffee and tea / an exclusive variety of wines/ refreshing beers/ juices and spritzers


  • indian lentil soup

  • peanut, tomato and white cabbage soup

  • sweet potato coconut soup


  • various salads, seasoned salads, exciting meat alternatives + vegan dressings

warm meals

  • mango curry with deep fried tofu, red bell peppers, carrots, leek + sesame seeds

  • long grain rice with spring onions + corn 

  • fried soy medaillons in a peanut-sauce with zucchini, leek + yellow bell peppers

  • indonesian noodles with bamboo shoot tips, carrots, leek, red bell peppers, mung bean sprouts + sesame seeds

  • chunks of soy greek style with onions + green bell peppers


  • fried cauliflower, carrots, zucchini in a tahini-lime-sauce with flat leaf parsley + sesame seeds

  • green beans asia style in a coconut-sauce with sweet potato chips + bamboo shoot tips
  • grilled corn on the cob sliced in a herb marinade

  • fried mushrooms with cherry tomatoes + dried tomatoes in a dark balsamic jus

  • pasta with a tomato-sunflowerseed pesto, spinach, red onions, green bell peppers + mushrooms

  • hungarian bell pepper goulash with chunks of soy, zucchini, green bell peppers + red onions

  • crispy potatoes with finely chopped almonds

  • soy stroganoff with mushrooms, pickles, black salsify, flat leaf parsley, mustard + fried soy-strips

  • lentil, cauliflower curry with chickpeas, cherry-tomatoes, spinach + deep fried onion rings

one more thing...

  • homemade, vegan cakes and desserts

how it works

  1. choose a plate size
    small plate      8,90€
    regular plate  10,90€
    large plate      12,90€


  2. combine your favourite cold salads and warm meals

  3. use our toppings to decorate your food

    or take a soup
    soup bowl 4,90 € + 2 slices of bread included


you can order your drink at the counter and pay everything together. you’ll find our homemade cakes and desserts at the service counter as well.


everything is available for takeaway at the same price.

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